Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Now i'll show you how to make smoke grenade, but using only ping-pong balls! No chemicals! This time you'll spend about 5 $ because you'll need a tube.

- a tube, for example like this one :

- about 5 balls (tube for 20 tablets, there are smaller ones too where you'll need only 3 but bigger=better)
- scissors

1. Cut balls into shreds 30mm x 4mm
2. Cut off that spiral under cap and make hole in the cap (you'll need to tip powder from  cap)
3. Put ping pong shred into tube, shreds should be 0,5 inch lower than cap.
4. Light shreds and wait few seconds until it will burn like flare
5. Bung tube with cap (the hole in it is very importat- without that pressure will be to high and whole tube can explode)

It won't make smoke like professional smoke grenades but remeber, you are doing it for fun, not for combat purposes!

Unfortunately i don't have good film with effects, but i ensure- it's worth 10 minutes of work.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Simple trick with steel wool!

It's very simple trick to make a lot of sparks, spending less than 2$
You'll need:
-piece of steel wool
-1 meter wire (for example copper wire)
- matches
1. Take wool and bind it to wire (make sure that it won't fly away when you'll spinning it)
2. Light the wool with the match (it won't burst in fire, but only glow)
3. Start spinning it, holding  wire on the side without wool.

Thousands of sparks!!!!

Here is the effect:

Best part at 0:14


On this blog, i'll show you how to make quite nice fireworks without spending lots of money for "professional" sets. Of course i won't show you how to make explosive materials or weapons but safe fireworks for partys.
At first, i have to say that i don't take responsibility of any accidents that may occur while your playing with mine recipes. In few days i'll post some pretty nice recipes for cheap and spectacular fireworks.